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Art, Products and Assets


Each product in TMWSTW Metaverse is backed by  erc721 token on Ethereum Classic blockchain, therefore has all erc721 standard methods and compatible with any secondary marketplace with Ethereum Classic support.

Products represent all own-able objects in Metaverse including vehicles, weapons, bullets, body parts, etc.

Products can be created by players who own/rent industrial type buildings by burning resources (i.e returning tokens back to initial smart contract balance).

Products are randomly generated from 3d asset pool at the moment of craft, giving all producers a chance of obtaining high value rare asset for trade or personal use.


There are a myriad of opportunities to express your creativity in-world, including custom avatars, custom mesh vehicles(in development) and displaying ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFTs. 

Body parts

There are no wearables in TMWSTW Metaverse, but instead interchangeable body parts system

VRM avatars

VRM avatars outside of classic body part system are in plans to be integrated later on.