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Harvest Resources


Faucets act as access points to resource interaction interface, which contains functions and information on available resources for this location.

Each plot has a faucet at fixed location. 

Faucet can serve only one player at a time, therefore to gain access to particular faucet in use, interacting player must be killed.


Resources in TMWSTW Metaverse represented by number of different erc20 tokens (smart contracts) of limited utility on Ethereum Classic blockchain.

Each type of resource is responsible for different use case (ex. $BOB token is used only for construction, and serves no other purpose)

Resources in form of erc20 support all standard functionality and compatible with any trading platform.

Inside Metaverse resources act similar to real world materials used to build/manufacture. In the moment of building/product creation particular amount of resource is returned into smart contract balance.

All resource types come in fixed low supply, to allow resource depletion and/or monopolization.

Resource distribution is random. Amount of daily supply of particular resource per plot is determined at first resource per plot interaction by "unlock_resource" method.

Resource claiming fee is fixed at 1$ symbolically. Those funds end up in Vault.  See Tokenomics for more details

For detailed information about supply, use case and abundance of each resource check Resources