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Navigating in-world


Walking speed 1 -- 5.1 km/hSpeed indicator.jpg
Running speed 3 -- 15 km/h

Light Vehicles vastly increase traveling speed. Vehicle speeds are determined randomly when crafted. Vehicle speeds are between 10 and 50, with each unit of speed representing 5km/h


Teleportation in TMWSTW available only to residential real estate owners, therefore residential units act as an access token to spawn at desired location.

New and homeless users have to travel the world manually, and will be spawned at one of randomly selected popular plot or at a mass spawner.

Products (ex. light vehicles) can be transferred via postboxes in world or can be manually transferred by dropping at a location.

Rare teleportation products will be available to ignore fast travel restrictions.

Plot access

Plot owners have no ability to restrict access to players, but will be able to set up defense products (ex. security robots) to eliminate users based on particular set of rules.