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Ethereum ($ETH)

Ethereum blockchain is used for plot ownership, as it's the current smart contract leader platform. There are 10,000 ERC721 plots on $ETH. Ownership of a plot allows building in world.

Ethereum Classic ($ETC)

Ethereum Classic blockchain is used for the in-world economy and DAO, as solid, community-driven, Proof of Work(POW) blockchain with good ethics.  Ethereum Classic provides a secure hashrate, low utilization, and fast transaction speeds. Transactions on $ETC are typically


$BOB is a limited utility ERC20 token on $ETC. It is only used as construction resource for building.  $BOB is claimable in world for $1.00 USD fee, payable in $ETC. Claiming occurs by performing an on-chain transaction at faucets located on plots.

Buildings are a second layer of real estate ownership represented by ERC721 on $ETC. Ownership of buildings allow spawning and crafting of assets.


$SLAG limited utility ERC20 token on $ETC only used to craft vehicles, claimable in world for $1.00 USD fee, payable in $ETC. Claiming occurs by performing an on-chain transaction at faucets located on plots.

Light vehicles are in-world wearable vehicles represented by ERC721 on $ETC, craftable in world via the  Light Vehicle Replicator building (LVR) for 100 $SLAG


Light vehicles will require fuel to operate.  $GREASE will be needed to refine into various fuel types. This resource is not yet implemented in-world.


$TMWSTW is a limited utility ERC20 token on $ETC which represents 100% in-world income from resource claim fees. 70% of which forever belongs to DAO and the rest on open market for lockers to receive dividends based on in-world activity.

The ecosystem is dynamic and will add additional layers in subsequent updates, such as additional resources and wearables, but overall structure of limited utility ERC20 paired with ERC721 in-world product stays the same.

Income split:

20% --- Project creator

10% --- OG_VAULT
(List of early investors who have claimed plots before 21.01.2022) 10% of all fees generated in TMWSTW Metaverse must be transferred into OG_vault and distributed between early plot claimers based on provided tables.  OG_points (shares) distributed in linear decline model based on claim order, where address of first plot claimed gets number of OG_points equel to total number of claimed plots until 21.01.2022, while the address of last plot claimed gets only 1 OG_point.

70% --- DAO_VAULT (remaining TMWSTW balance that can be freely spent on Metaverse infrastructure in case of plot owners agreement).

Files relating to the OG_Vault

distribution data per wallet/address per_address.txt

distribution data per plot per_plot.txt

summary data totals.txt

script, that will reproduce same .txt files og.js

database of all transactions for TMWSTW from etherscan at 21.01.2022 oglist.csv