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TMWSTW Metaverse Summary

Getting Started The Basics

What is TMWSTW? The Man Who Sold The World (TMWSTW) Metaverse is a virtual world that resembles the real world in its shape, physics, social behavior, economic models as much as technically possible. TMWSTW Metaverse is spherical 1:100 scale model of earth, ...

List of definitions


$BOB - $BOB is an in-world resource used to build structures, including bases, ground floors residential units, commercial buildings  $SLAG - $SLAG is an in-world resource used to craft light vehicles.  Access to a Light Vehicle Replicator is needed for craft...

Plots and Ownership

Getting Started Buying a Plot

Owning a plot entitles the holder to build bases and a variety of commercial and residential buildings in order to spawn into the Metaverse, obtain resources, and craft items for in-world use. TMWSTW Metaverse consists of 10,000 plots based on 4519 coordinate...


Getting Started

Ethereum ($ETH) Ethereum blockchain is used for plot ownership, as it's the current smart contract leader platform. There are 10,000 ERC721 plots on $ETH. Ownership of a plot allows building in world. Ethereum Classic ($ETC) Ethereum Classic blockchain is u...


Getting Started The Basics

The Man Who Sold The World (TMWSTW)  is 3rd-person MMORPG with blockchain backed ownership. But it is much more than a game.  Participants can harvest resources, build cities, co-operate with others for resources and value-added assets, trade at the in-world m...

Technical Information

Getting Started The Basics

The Man Who Sold The World (TMWSTW) server infrastructure is all designed from scratch and optimized to serve millions of players.  It is designed to be vertically and horizontally scalable. TMWSTW Metaverse frontend written in JavaScript and ThreeJS library,...


Getting Started The Basics

The Ethereum blockchain is used for plot ownership, as current smart contract leader platform. The Ethereum Classic blockchain is used for all in-game economics and DAO, as solid community driven POW chain with secure hashrate, low utilization and good ethics...

Plot Traits

Getting Started Buying a Plot

TMWSTW plot traits include: Amount of resources available (example:$BOB, $SLAG) Building style for bases There are 23 architectural styles and 78 color schemes. These are randomly assigned to clusters of plots, creating architectural diversity within the Met...

Exploring as a Guest

Getting Started Guest Mode

Anyone can spawn into world at a random popular plot in Guest Mode, or a specific plot ID number. Plot numbers can be identified by location on the globe or by search on marketplaces like OpenSea. Guest can also spawn into specific plots that have Mass Spaw...

Getting $ETC and $BOB

Getting Started Building a base

You have your TMWSTW plot.  Now what? Before you can spawn into your plot, you need to build a base.  Building a base requires in-world building resource, $BOB  and the token needed for gas, Ethereum Classic($ETC). $ETC Add ETC to your wallet  If you are...

Build page

Getting Started Building a base

Your Avatar

Getting Started In-world Activities

Guide to rigging your GLB avatar Import GLB of mesh in T-POSE into blender Export as wavefront (OBJ) Import OBJ into Mixamo and autorig Download from Mixamo as regular FBX in T POSE Import that FBX into Blender with these setting and manua...



Getting Started In-world Activities

Movement is controlled by using the keypad and mouse Controls: Mouse sensitivity: 1 Change mouse sensitivity: -/+ Walk: W, A, S, D Run Shift+W Inventory: I Ride/dismount Vehicle: V Change view/look around: move mouse Up/Down (use when in elevator and ...

Play Screen

Getting Started In-world Activities

Harvest Resources

Getting Started In-world Activities

Faucets Faucets act as access points to resource interaction interface, which contains functions and information on available resources for this location. Each plot has a faucet at fixed location.  Faucet can serve only one player at a time, therefore to ga...


Getting Started In-world Activities

Navigating in-world

Getting Started In-world Activities

Speeds Walking speed 1 -- 5.1 km/h Running speed 3 -- 15 km/h Light Vehicles vastly increase traveling speed. Vehicle speeds are determined randomly when crafted. Vehicle speeds are between 10 and 50, with each unit of speed representing 5km/h Teleportation...

Art, Products and Assets

Getting Started In-world Activities

Products Each product in TMWSTW Metaverse is backed by  erc721 token on Ethereum Classic blockchain, therefore has all erc721 standard methods and compatible with any secondary marketplace with Ethereum Classic support. Products represent all own-able object...

Chat function

Getting Started In-world Activities

To use in-world Chat function T open CHAT toll Y open text input (blocks all keys from moving player)ENTER to send and/or escape text input

The ADHD Cranky - Tower War (continuing)

Tower Wars

The ADHD/Cranky Tower War (more commonly referred to as simply Tower Wars) began 22 August 2023.  The main perpetrators were Cranky and ADHDegen. The exact  dialogue that triggered the tower floor race is captured in the Twitter (now known as X) screenshot bel...